Why should I work with a coach?

At Onward Run Coaching, we believe the most important aspect of the coach/athlete relationship is trust. We work hard to build trust with our athletes; the athlete must trust that the coach is designing workouts and training that best fits their individual needs, and the coach must trust that the athlete is providing honest feedback. 

A coach who is tuned in to the athlete's needs also serves as an objective yet invested partner to the athlete's success. A good coach provides feedback on physical workouts, but also helps athletes through the emotional and psychological rigors of training.

Why are all the available plans multi-month commitments?

As with any relationship, cultivating mutual trust and understanding takes effort and time. The most important aspect of coaching, to us, is the support and trust that are built over the duration of the athlete/coach relationship. While the running part of the relationship begins immediately, it takes time to develop the rapport between coach and athlete, and for the coach to truly understand what is best for the athlete physically and emotionally. We want to be able to support our athletes and ensure the training we prescribe is the best fit possible.

Cultivating your best running is not a process that can or should be rushed. We work to build our athletes' confidence and fitness sustainably and robustly. We are committed to working with our athletes to be great, and expect our athletes to be equally committed. 

What if I have a question about my training?

Communication is vital to the coach/athlete relationship! We are always happy to answer questions athletes may have. It is our expectation that our athletes feel comfortable with any and all terminology and paces for a workout, but also feel comfortable letting their coach know when they are overly tired, or are extra busy, or are feeling like they want more from their workout.