Looking to get started?

Are you a new runner? Someone who wants to start running? Or maybe you want to get running back into your life?

A common question we are asked is, “what if I just want to START running?” or, “don’t I have to be a hardcore runner to work with a coach?” or even, “do you work with people who aren’t runners yet?”

The truth is, ANYONE can benefit from working with a coach, and we are thrilled to introduce a run routine to new and beginning runners! Whether you’re brand new to running in general, want to come back to the sport after some time off, or just want some guidance to safely build running into your active life, we are able to design training to fit your needs.

Working with a running coach takes the guesswork out of creating a run routine. All you have to do is let us know your time commitments, your goals and priorities, your fitness and/or running history and we are able to create running plans for any lifestyle, race goal or distance.